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Employment Partnership

Employment Partnership Information

  • Alphabetical Listing of Classifications The Alphabetical Listing of Classifications is a tool used by the State of Wisconsin Human Resources Professionals that synthesizes several areas of information of the classification system including Compensation, Affirmative Action and Labor Relations data. This spreadsheet gets updated as changes occur to information on the chart such as changes resulting from classifications being created or eliminated from the Classification Plan.
  • Career Fair/Job Fair/Recruitment on Site
  • Contact Other Organizations (Affiliates, etc.)
  • Cooperative Education Program The Cooperative Education Program (CEP) is designed to provide students in higher education with the relevant work experience and job training leading to eligibility for permanent employment in state government. The CEP adheres to the state civil service merit system, rules, policies and procedures. The overall goal of the program is to attract and train the highest caliber of undergraduate of graduate students for government employment.
  • Veterans Information

    • Preference points: Qualifying veterans and certain spouses of veterans can be granted preference points on civil service exam scores. These points will be added to your exam score if your civil service score is 70 or higher. The top-scoring veterans may be considered for future positions. "Qualifying" means that you, or your spouse, served during one of the periods or in a qualifying campaign listed on OSER-DMRS-38L (rev 7/10) veterans preference supplement:   AND you are not a current permanent state employee in classified civil service.
    • Disabled Veterans with a 70% or more disability: If you are currently a permanent classified state employee, and you are a veteran with a service-connected disability of 70% or greater, your name may be included with the list of names sent to the hiring agency for interviews from promotional exams. If you qualify, you must complete Sections A, B (Item B4), and C, the Veterans Preference Supplement:  OSER-DMRS-38L (rev 7/10).
    • Noncompetitive appointment for certain disabled veterans: Qualified veterans with a 30% or more service-connected disability are eligible for non-competitive appointment to permanent positions in classified civil service under s. 230.275, WI Stats. Ask the Human Resources contact listed on any job announcement for information on how to apply under this provision. Current State of Wisconsin employees are not eligible for non-competitive appointment.

  •  Disability and Reasonable Accommodation.

    • The state of Wisconsin will provide reasonable accommodations for any test taker with a verified disability that affects his or her ability to take employment tests. Individual who has a disability and need special accommodations to take a test, must complete the Request for Examination Accommodations form (DOA-15510) and send it to OSER no later than eight (8) days before the scheduled Saturday test date. You may also call (608) 266-1731 or TTY: Call Relay 711 to arrange for special test accommodations.
    • The state has a special Affirmative Action program (Disabled Expanded Certification (DEC)) for persons with disabilities giving them an increased opportunity to be interviewed for jobs in state government. To be eligible, a candidate must have a permanent physical or mental impairment that substantially limits the major life activity of working. In order for applicants to be eligible for DEC, a qualified professional must verify the disability and eligibility for the program by completing the Disabled Expanded Certification Verification form (OSER-MRS-159 [R 07/10]) and submitting it to OSER, Division of Merit Recruitment and Selection prior to certification.

  • EEO/AA Training

    • The State Office of Employment Relations (OSER) conducts training for new supervisors on their AA/EEO roles and responsibilities and covers basic AA/EEO laws, policies and procedures in the hiring process, sexual harassment and reasonable accommodations for person with disabilities.
    • Jet Training is a customized one-hour affirmative action training program provided by OSER/DAA upon request by a state agency. The purpose of JET training courses are to provide timely "just-en-time" training to address the immediate needs of state agencies and University of Wisconsin system campuses, and to assist them in becoming excellent AA/EEO and diversity employers. JET training on the "Essentials of an Effective AA Advisory Committee", "Reasonable Accommodations" and "Prejudice and its Impact in the Workplace" are some of the training courses offered.
    • For non-state employees, EEO/AA training is available at the following websites:

  • Testing Site for W-2 Agencies

    • The exams are given the Fridays before the second Saturdays of each month. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m.; testing starts at 9:00 a.m. with a 4 hour time limit.
    •  Location: Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Avenue, Madison, WI (608) 266-1731 

      • 7/11/15
      • 8/8/15
      • 9/12/15
      • 10/10/15
      • 11/14/15 
      • 12/12/15

  •   Transportation(Bus/Car/Van Pool)

    • The State Vanpool provides alternate transportation for state and non-state employees commuting to Madison from outside communities. Participants can join a group that is already established or, if there are enough interested people, a new vanpool can be formed. Riders enjoy low rates, comfortable vans, and the benefit of convenient pick-up and drop-off locations.
    • The City of Madison Rideshare program is similar to the State Vanpool program.
    • The Badger Bus also provides services to many areas outside of Madison.

  • Tutorial for Testing.

    • State government does not provide tutorial for civil service exams. Applicants can go to the public library and ask for the ARCO study guides, or order online at ARCO Civil Service Test Study Guides.  The study guides are not specific to State of Wisconsin positions or exams, but are generalized to position types.  For specific knowledge and skills required on a particular state job, contact the agency or university campus for a copy of the position description.

  • Underutilization/Expanded Certification Information The state conducts an underutilization analysis to determine what job groups (classifications with similar content, pay and promotional opportunities) in state service are underrepresented for racial/ethnic minorities and women. If the job group is underutilized, up to three additional names of qualified women or racial/ethnic minorities will be added to the certified list provided to the hiring supervisor for interviewing. This link provides information on what job groups are underutilized in state employment.
  • W-2 Internship Program Information - What is available through the W-2 program, in terms of "internships", is what is called "work experience", and can be accessed through two of the placements within W-2: Community Service Jobs and W-Transitions. Both of these placements are briefly explained at the Department of Children and Family website.
  • W-2 Hiring Initiatives

    • Agencies with 100 or more full-time position are required to prepare and implement a plan of action to employ W-2 Participants; Agencies submit their W-2 plans to the state Division of Affirmative Action, Office of State Employment Relations as to the occupational areas they plan to hire W-2 participants. A yearly report is sent to the Governor as to the number of W-2 participants by agency.

  • Wisc.Jobs Brochure - Electronic Copy of the Wisc.Jobs brochure in PDF format.
  • Wisc.Jobs Information (Link to Site/Onsite Training)

    • Wisc.Jobs is the official State of Wisconsin Government job site Wisc.Jobs allows applicants to access current job opportunities in Wisconsin state government in their field of interest. Interested applicants could limit their job search to a particular job category,governmental agency or university campus, and area of employment.
    • Preview for Exams (Wisc.Jobs).After you have selected a job announcement in Wisc.Jobs, click on Preview Exam under Exam Information to see or print a copy of the exam.

For more information contact Delores Butler at delorese.butler@wi.gov

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